Join The Party!

 Monero Party is currently planned to host 5 parties
(This may be subject to change)

Generate a 64 random hexadecimal character (0-9 and A-F) Payment I.D.

(This Payment I.D.  will represent proof of entry, and will be used to enter the party, as well as requesting a refund) (Use this Payment I.D. when sending your entry fee from your wallet; this will also be used in your application) (You may use the same Payment I.D for more than one Monero Party entry; This way it will be easier to consult those who are attending multiple parties)

To send an entry fee, please choose from the following Monero (XMR) addresses:
(If you plan to join more than one party, please submit an application for each individual party)
(Entry price is based on the amount of funds needed to host specific party) (The larger the milestone, the smaller the price of entry will be)
(Once your transaction is confirmed, your application will be accepted)

$25 Monero Party
Address: 44xw2QKjUWqYWfQc9kaebXKxu1g4Qj1E6GSNEfZ747xvftBiFC8JSCzQ5WCzLxKEvyLVdDfhZ8pRoSwBkmsggajk9oKYAt5
Entry Fee: 10 Monero(XMR) Per person

$50 Monero Party
Address: 44fY9umki2Ba8w2FRgD5CHaTexyAhqopVfyjSY8QxebaXbYAFMuencMBFgcFHvHCq243iBUjvmmoYLUnjMYzLhfBNeZBaEQ
Entry Fee: 8 Monero(XMR) Per person

$100 Monero Party
Address: 48XetPZNfQL3UZsyWzxXQTN8rs6McsXTYaQybsgzRQCfYJj6vj1m2Je3GNrPRy8iG1bXCUpt8MMCWMEzqLG8yNtiDEUMbS7
Entry Fee: 6 Monero(XMR) Per person

$500 Monero Party
Address: 49DcukFWKt6MvuPxVMFU52d2UxBZTnWJNM5UQFvRxeWsfbuRaEWeKLtALPyUSBAMbcH8d8A4jJhfpGXH2R9YHnCGLMTqDkk
Entry Fee: 4 Monero(XMR) Per person

$1000 Monero Party
Address: 47KxJw4RGBc8VMMSAaeJNAhRo8XPK5eGEgzPN5JHqfqeggbqCbheF2MVjsFLWyXLpzTTVKk7b7NttFwGGZF5CnwM343QriN
Entry Fee: 1 Monero(XMR) Per person