What is Monero Party?

Our Mission Statement:

Monero Party is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to spread awareness of Monero(XMR) to the masses and encourage Monero(XMR) adoption by inviting investors to market price milestone parties.

What is a Monero(XMR)?

For more information on Monero , you may check the Monero Wiki here.

Where can I get Monero(XMR)?

There are multiple ways to obtain Monero(XMR). 

Here is one example:
Step 1: Purchase Bitcoin(BTC) by accepting our invite to CoinBase.
Step 2: Make an account on Poloniex.
Step 3: Transfer Bitcoin(BTC) from your CoinBase Wallet to your new generated Poloneix Bitcoin(BTC) Wallet.
Step 4: Purchase Monero(XMR)

There are multiple ways of storing your Monero(XMR):
Official GUI Web Wallet
Official DL Wallet

What is Monero Party?

Monero Party is an open invitation to investors who have purchased Monero and are looking forward to Monero price mile stones. Monero Party currently plans to host 5 parties that correlate to each milestone; $25 Monero Party, $50 Monero Party, $100 Monero Party, $500 and last but not least , the great $1000 Monero Party.

Why Monero Party?

When Bitcoin started catching mainstream attention, there were several milestone parties all over the world that correlated to certain successful milestones; The most prominent one being the $1,000 milestone party that was achieved.

How can I join the Monero Party?

Each milestone party will require an entry fee. The price of entry is determined by which party you would like to participate in. As an example, if you chose to join the $25 milestone party; the entry fee would be 10 Monero(XMR). To join the party you would send 10 Monero(XMR) to the specific $25 Monero Party address and submit a party application; which contains your contact information, party details, as well as your payment I.D used to send the entry fee. (You must have a copy of your payment I.D on hand to gain entry into the party! There will be a party list as proof of payment!)

Where can I join the Monero Party? How can I contact Monero Party?

Investors can join the Monero party by clicking  Join the Party!
You can contact us by clicking Contact Us


What are the different Monero Party Entry Fees?

  • $25 Milestone Entry Fee – 10 Monero(XMR)
  • $50 Milestone Entry Fee – 6 Monero(XMR)
  • $100 Milestone Entry Fee – 8 Monero(XMR)
  • $500 Milestone Entry Fee – 4 Monero(XMR)
  • $1000 Mile Stone Entry Fee – 1 Monero(XMR)
    (Prices may change to reflect current Monero(XMR) prices)

What is included with my Monero Party entry fee? What’s the difference between the $25, $50, $100, $500 and $1000 milestone parties? 

Everyone’s collective entry fee will pay for all the services, amenities for that specific milestone party as well as Monero Party Development. Your payment I.D. will be considered your Monero Party ticket as proof of purchase.

Each Milestone party will have it’s own Monero(XMR) address and will be safe,  kept in cold storage and separate from the rest.

What will be Included with your entry fee is determined by which milestone party you attend.

If you attend the lower end milestone parties such as the $25 and $50 $100 milestones; What you can expect to see with your entree fee will be free food, beverages, music and other entertainment and amenities.  The location will be determined, but could be (and not limited) to a hotel, dining hall or (in-door or out-door rental space) We are considering a poll for you all to decide the location where these parties will be held ; These parties are planned to be held on the East Coast USA. Must pay for your own transportation and accommodations!

If you attend the upper end milestone parties such as the $500 and $1000 milestones; what you can expect to see with your entry fee will be everything listed above, as well as guided tours, seemingly endless (in-door and out-door) activities and all-inclusive  accommodations to where the Monero Party is located.(Could be a resort, theme park, whatever is decided; anywhere in the world) We are considering a poll for you all to decide the location where these parties will be held ; they can be anywhere in the world! Must pay for your own transportation!

Can I get a refund?
Yes, as long as the Monero(XMR) is not converted to fiat minus transaction fees.
(This happens a week after a certain milestone is reached and maintained. Fiat converted will then be used to plan and cover the party bill, shortly after, the Monero Party will be announced and details will be listed here)
Full refunds will be given and handled on a case to case basis. You can request a refund here.
To get a refund, you must have the payment I.D. as proof of purchase, and must provide a refund address so we can refund you.
Although we are happy to give refunds, we hope that this doesn’t become too much of an occurrence. Refunds will impact how much funds we have towards the party.

When and Where will the location of the Monero Party be?

The date of the party will be determined based on market prices. As far as the location, the $25, $50 and $100 milestone parties will be held on the East Coast, U.S.A. The $500 and $1000 mile stone parties will be held anywhere in the world, determined by your vote!

More information coming soon…

Monero Party Terms and Conditions:

  • One Entry Fee per person. If you plan on bringing a guest they need to pay an Entry Fee as well.(You may pay for both fees in one transaction, be sure to include how many guests will be attending on your application, price must reflect this )
  • You must have a copy of your payment I.D on hand to gain entry into the party! There will be a party list as proof of payment!
  • All guests must pay for and arrange their own transportation to the Monero Party,(this means all flights, trains, buses etc…)
  • Monero (XMR) will be converted to fiat when our goal (for the different milestones) is reached and maintained long enough. We are considering announcing conversion some days in advance (which mean people desperately willing to be refunded will have some time to do so).
  • Refunds will be given in full as long as Monero (XMR) isn’t converted to fiat.  Refunds will be dealt through our contact form and will be handled on a case to case basis.
  • The full amount will be used to organize the party. Anything left over will be calculated and moved into the next milestone party and Monero Party development.

    We are not officially associated with the Monero Development team. Monero party is a non-profit organization that is lead by a team of Monero investors with experience in the field of hospitality.